MMA Strength & Conditioning


Basic Program

Our basic Strength and Conditioning Program begins (as do all of our more advanced programs) with:

Movement Prep: Static stretching, warm up, dynamic stretching followed by Static exercises designed to help improve your overall conditioning and neuromuscular efficiency. In other words, the program is designed to help you learn how to properly align, contract and follow the proper technique while being able to breath correctly.

While this seems simple… It’s not so easy to do all of it at once. That is why it is so important to be able to prep yourself prior to the actual workout. The proper protocol will help improve overall performance and reduce the possibility of injury.

Developing neuromuscular efficiency takes so time but once mastered, your overall capacity and athletic performance will increase dramatically. This will allow you to move on to the more Dynamic workouts.

Dynamic Strength and Conditioning Program

Again, this program begins with the Movement Prep portion of static and active stretching along with a warm up session. The main difference between this program and the basic is that now we incorporate more dynamic (movements) in the exercises and overall workout.

The exercises are more difficult but the main focus remains the same: Proper Alignment, Contraction, Technique (ACT) and correct breathing throughout each exercise and the entire workout.


Luis Nazario and Suzie Montero have both been through the Fighter Training Camp Workouts and it shows. They are in superb “Fight Ready” shape.


Danielle Gallagher, Amateur MMA Fighter, before weigh in at XFN 2


Thomas Farrell, Amateur MMA Fighter, before weigh in at XFN 2





FIGHTER TRAINING CAMP (This program is not included in the membership fee)


This program incorporates all of the basic and dynamic programs. In addition, myofascial (foam rolling) stretching in performed prior to any other stretching. This program consists of

1. Assessment

2. Program Design utilizing:

– 3 energy pathways
– 3 muscle movements
– 3 planes
It’s a dynamic, multi-facet, integrated fight readiness system.
It’s a progressive resistance program of rounds designed to build from one to the next.
3. Coaching and motivation
4. Nutrition & Supplement Plan
5. Rest, repair & recovery
George after his weigh-in at the face off! Luis really got him ready.
Suzie Montero after her weigh-in at XFC 22. She weighed in at 125.6 pounds and in excellent “Fight Ready” shape.