Personal Training

525497_563522893659861_908129362_nProven Evidence-based Personal Training

We employ our own brand of Nutrition and Personalized Fitness Training. Our head Trainer and Coach is a Certified Fitness Trainer with the ISSA and a Certified MMA Conditioning Specialist with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).

He has been involved in the medical field his entire adult life. He has also trained and coached himself in weight loss, physical rehab and strength and conditioning.

He has developed a proprietary system that has proven to work very efficiently, effectively and safely.

Personal training is ideal for those demanding and needing personalized attention, guidance and plan. Some folks just do better one on one. The personal training program is based on commitment. This commitment has to come from the trainer and trainee in order to get positive results. The goal is to help you achieve your goals.

Suzie “La China” Montero


His main focus is Optimal Performance Training, Weight loss and Athletic/Fighter strength and conditioning. In addition, Nelson is also in charge of our Strength and Conditioning Program, MMA Conditioning and Fighter Readiness Program (Fighter Training Camp).

He may be contacted at and is available by appointment only.