Muay Thai



Muay Thai is a really cool form of martial arts. Many people enjoy learning and practicing this form of kick boxing. Today, lots of people are learning Muay Thai fighting in order to learn how to defend themselves, as a sport, to lose weight and some even become professionals in this contact sport.

If you want to know if Muay Thai is the type of sport that is suitable for you, come to Rush Squad and try a Muay Thai class for yourself.

You will like our instructors, facility and atmosphere. So take advantage of this offer and you can combine fitness, conditioning and self defense in a fun and exciting group class and atmosphere.


Anyone can learn Muay Thai. However, you may want to know more about this martial art in order for you to know what to expect when you start getting lessons. That is why we encourage you to come by and check it out first.

If you don’t have previous experience or if you are new to martial arts, you may think it is difficult to learn but our instructors are excellent teachers and will make certain you learn at your own pace.

Muay Thai is more than what you see in the movies with those hard hitting punches, elbows, knees and kicks. And, you will also find that once you start training, Muay Thai is more than just a martial art that is fought inside the ring.

Muay Thai is something that cannot be learned overnight. There are a plethora of techniques that you will learn. You should also dedicate yourself to the entire training process in order to optimize your experience. The personal fitness and enjoyment of seeing what you will be able to do in just a few weeks will keep you motivated to move up in levels and continue to develop your skills.

Muay Thai boxing is also rich in history and it is a martial art that you need to respect. You have to believe the teachings, you need to stand by the art itself, and you also need to believe in the fighting technique that this martial art teaches. Most importantly, you must believe in yourself, your ability to learn and develop your skills and fitness level.

If you already have experience with other types of martial arts, then learning Muay Thai will be a lot easier. However, you may have difficulties in executing some of the moves in Muay Thai as you may be inclined to use the moves you are comfortable with in your previous martial arts training.

Let’s not forget… Muay Thai is a sport for everyone…

Remember these tips and you can be sure that you will love this sport and the hard training involved. In time, you will eventually learn the skills and be a great Muay Thai fighter. Not to mention that you will lose weight and get it top shape!

MMA Skills & Drills
Our MMA program incorporates takedowns and grappling techniques. The main focus is offense and countering any invasive maneuvers. In addition, the students learn defensive postures and techniques.
While grappling is the main focus, we also incorporate a rigorous “ground and pound” game. We work on the guard, side control, and many other techniques. This program is designed for those that don’t mind getting a little physical.

This is a very tough and intriguing sport. It really tests your skills. Every move has a counter move. It takes many years to really become competent in this sport. We are taught submissions and moves to counter attempted submissions.
If you are on the ground, this is what you need to know and apply. You will be constantly challenged and your will tested. The amount of energy (calories) burned during a session can be as much as 2-5 pounds.