Our purpose: To help you succeed.

We have closed our MMA Gym in Hollywood, Florida because we have relocated to Naples, Florida. We are in the process of evaluating the possibility of opening an MMA skills and conditioning gym in Naples.

I would like to thank everyone that trained with us in Hollywood. It was a truly memorable experience. And, congratulations to our fighters for succeeding and for their inspiring attitude towards training.

If anyone has any suggestions or comments, please contact me through our Facebook page at (https://www.facebook.com/RushSquad).

Thank you!

Coach Nelson Acosta

Please note our new phone number is (786) 571-4717.

We are the Home of the “Undying Heart”, “Immovable Mind” and “Relentless Body”. If that’s what you want then you have found your training home, here in Hollywood, Florida. We are Rush Squad MMA!



We are the Optimal Performance Training Center based in Hollywood, Florida. We focus on Optimal Strength and Conditioning Training for fighters, athletes and the fitness-minded.

We work on resistance training to build muscle and burn fat as well as prolonged endurance through circuit training. Our cardio and core boot camps will get you in proper conditioning for just about anything. In addition, we are a sports and fitness nutritional gym and carry the top supplements to help you achieve your overall personal fitness needs.  We will also help you choose what supplements are best for you, when and how much to take based your training needs and your particular goals.

We specialize in the art of Muay Thai kick boxing, MMA and Jiu-jitsu. We have experienced and certified trainers and coaches in Muay Thai, MMA technique, Jiu-jitsu as well as fight strategy experts. Our coaches are Professional MMA fighters as well as MMA trainers and coaches. We also have certified personal trainers and certified MMA Conditioning Specialists on site (ISSA and NASM). We will get you in “Fight Ready” Shape and condition.

Our Optimal Performance MMA System is unique in that it focuses on you and your individual strengths, weaknesses, conditioning needs and overall goals. Our training facility has everything you need to optimize your performance and much more.


We are proud to be recognized and sponsored as an official JACO Trainer and Coach.



We have top shelf supplements and expertise in nutrition planning. Our gym is ideal for small class instruction and Personal Training.



We have high end mats to facilitate your training and skills development. In addition, we have cardio and circuit equipment for solid cardio and core development. The boot camps, offered 3 times a week, will get you in optimal condition. Then we move to strength and conditioning training. This is an integral part of any serious fighter’s and athlete’s regimen.

Our group classes are fun, dynamic, high-energy and effective. You will lose weight. You will lose fat. You will have fun doing it.

We excel at individualized personal training. Everyone is different and a standard approach just doesn’t work on individual needs, priorities and goals. This service is available on and off site site.






We offer the most competitive and value-added  personal training and MMA technique and conditioning solution in South Florida. Our system is based on scientific-based, clinically-evident knowledge and our progressive application and experience.

We will offer live online personal training so you won’t even have to leave your place. This very high-end and unique offering will be available in June 2013.

The average member and client loses approximately 12 pounds in their first month! That’s amazing because it’s primarily from training and the hard work they put into the program. They lose fat while gaining strength, self-confidence and a renewed vitality for getting things done!



I welcome you to come by and check us out. We don’t bite but we do yell and scream… If you are serious about achieving your goals and are looking for a place that will facilitate accomplishing them, then check us out and see for yourself.

Our goal is “To help those that want to help themselves”. That means you! You make the decision to accomplish your goals and we’ll help you accomplish them. It’s up to you to come in and tell us what you are trying to accomplish and what is important to you. It’s up to us the make sure that you are instructed and led in the right direction until you achieve your personal fitness, sport and/or MMA goals.

It starts with you and ends with you. We are trainers, motivators, experts and coaches and will help YOU get where you want to be. But, it’s up to YOU to make the decision to make that happen. We are here waiting for you to get started. We take great pride in making certain you leave much better than when you came in…


Always here to help you succeed…